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Vendor split

When an order is placed on the marketplace website, Garnet splits the order and attributes it to the vendors included in the order. Here we uncover the details of this magical split.

The vendor split is also important to understand the Finance and Orders tabs.

Split per line items

Each order is split based on the line items' vendor field. Once the order is placed, it is not possible to change the vendor from the line item.

If there is only one vendor included in the order, the vendor will receive the order as is.

Sub-total, taxes, and total

Indivual vendors only see their own total, and not the total order value. Vendors cannot guess whether their order is part of a bigger order.

Tax is properly split depending on the line items' taxation details.

To ensure consistency with your Shopify orders, the sum of the individual vendor's total order price equal the total order price.

Order status

The order status reflects what you would expect from a Shopify order status:

  • Fulfilled: all line items have been fulfilled.
  • Unfulfilled: no line items have been fulfilled.
  • Partially fulfilled: some line items have been fulfilled, but not all.
  • Cancelled: when all line items have been refunded or cancelled.

Note that for an order that contains multiple vendors, the fulfillment status of a vendor does not affect the other vendors status.


Discounts are split based on the order value before tax and shipping.

As an example, let's say we have the following order with a $50 discount:

VendorLine item priceQuantityTaxShipping
Asian Crowns$1001$10 (10%)$15
Pineapple Rocket$1501$30 (15%)$25

Disregarding the tax and shipping, Asian Crowns made 100/(100+150) = 40% of the order value and Pineapple Rocket made 60%. Hence the following discount allocation:

VendorOrder value constributionAllocated discount
Asian Crowns$40%$20
Pineapple Rocket$60%$30


By default shipping is split based on the order value before tax and before discount. See the shipping settings sections for more advanced use cases.

Refunds, returns and fulfillments

Refunds and returns happen on specific line items or on the entire order.

In any case, Garnet will correctly split the remaining line items and the vendors will only be able to fullfil what remains unfulfilled.