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Listing's assets

Some marketplace need to collect aditional files from vendors that will be important in the fulfilment process. For instance, a website selling digital artworks will need to collect the original artwork from the vendor while they display a lower resolution artwork on the marketplace.

We call assets, any file the vendor will upload to the marketplace. It can be an image, a software, a PDF, or anything else.

Upload an asset

The vendor can upload assets using a specification of type Short text displayed as a file. The vendor can upload the asset when creating a product.

asset file upload specifications

Retrieve the assets

The asset will be stored in Garnet's secure storage and will be available via URL. Once the product is created, you can access to the asset by downloading from the URL in the associated specification.

asset disaplyed in Shopify

Large assets

Some marketplaces have a significantly large number of assets they need to store. When discussing with the marketplace, Garnet will provide a quote to include the additional cost of storing such assets.

We don't have any limitations regarding the total size of all assets.