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Registration fields

Registration fields are fields presented to the vendor when they register. Access the setting by going to Garnet > Setting gear > Registration fields.

registration setting

Individual and business

During registration, a vendor either registers as an individual or a business. There is no functional difference between the two, however the registration fields can be customized.

If you want to share a field for both individual and business, you will have to add it in the individual and business section.

Fields types

There are 5 types of fields supported:

FieldHTML equivalentDisplay
Short textinputClassic input bar
Long texttextareaText input 3 line high
URLinputInput bar with email validation
Single choiceselectDropdown
Multiple choicecheckboxCheckboxes

Garnet will add more fields in the future. We are interested in your use cases.

Single choice and Multiple choice require at least 2 options. You can add/remove options.

Edit, move, delete fields & prevent missing data

Right to each fields there are 3 buttons to remove, move up, and move down the field.

If vendors are already registered and you remove a field, the value of this field won't be visible on their settings page. Data is not lost but it is not displayed.

If a field is renamed or edited, the vendor's past data will remain.

When you create a field, all vendors will have an empty field in their settings page. As an admin you can fill up this value if necessary for data consistency.


The registration form is not updated

It can take several minutes before your updates in Garnet are propagated to the registration form. Try waiting a few minutes and refresh your page.