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WooCommerce integration

Garnet integrates products from any WordPress store using the WooCommerce plugin. While we are preparing to publish our plugin on the official plugin marketplace, you can generate an API key.


The WooCommerce integration synchronises the product from the vendor store to the marketplace in real-time.

WooCommerceA product is createdA Marketplace submission is created
WooCommerceA product is editedThe Marketplace submission is updated
WooCommerceA product is deletedThe Marketplace submission and live product are deleted
WooCommerceA product is price/stock is editedThe Marketplace submission and live product are updated
MarketplaceAn order including the vendor is placedThe order is split and created in WooCommerce
WooCommerceAn order is fulfilledThe corresponding order is fulfilled on the Marketplace*
  • Implementation depends on the vendor, contact us to know more about the implementation.

Create an API Key

You can create an API key in your WordPress store by going to WordPress > Settings > Advanced > REST API > Add key. Make sure to use the permission Read and Write as we need it to create webhooks and orders.

create woocommerce api key

Give the API Key to Garnet

Login on Garnet to the vendor account and access Garnet > Settings > Integrations > WooCommerce and fill the form with the WordPress URL, the Consumer Key, and the Consumer Secret.

submit consumer key

We will notify you once the integration is live.