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Klaviyo email integration

By default, Garnet uses its own templates to send emails to vendors. Using the Klaviyo integration enables the marketplace to collect Garnet's events that you can configure to trigger email workflows.

Klaviyo email integration is available for the marketplace using the Integrated Plan.

Generate an API Key

Garnet needs to be able to push events to your Klaviyo account. To do this, create an API key with full access to events. Go to Klaviyo > bottom right > Settings.


On the settings page, navigate to Accounts > API Keys > Create Private API Keys and create a new API key named Garnet emails with the access level Custom Key and the permission Events: Full Access.


Once saved, send us the API key (it looks like pk_123...) and your store name. We will notify you once the setup has been completed within two working days.

Setup your first email

After the setup is completed, you will find in Klaviyo > Analytics > Metrics new events:


As of now, only 2 events are created. If we create a new event, it will be sent to you automatically included in your plan.

Event nameSent toData available
[Garnet] Product approvedvendorShopify product object
[Garnet] Order placedvendorShopify order object

Create an email template

Now that everything is set up correctly on Garnet's side, we'll create the email template to be sent. Here we'll create a template that will be triggered by the event [Garnet] Product approved.

Go to Klaviyo > Content > Template and create a new template, either from the library or from scratch.

Below is a template we created using the variable inside the template. You can see such preview in Preview & test > Events (on the right) > select [Garnet] Product approved.


Here is how we wrote the text below the image:

We are happy to share that your listing {{ event.title }} is now live 
on Ananature for ${{ event.variants.0.price }}.

You have access to all the content of the product, you can let your creativity go wild.

You can find more documentation on how to use variables inside the template in Klaviyo's documentation.

Create the flows

Great, the events and the template are here. Let's wire them together. Go to Klaviyo > Flows > Create Flows, you can create one from a template or from scratch. Here we created a flow from scratch named [Garnet] Product approved.

  1. As a trigger, use the desired metric, [Garnet] Product approved in our case.
  2. Add an email block below, edit it, fill in the subject and click on Drag and Drop to import the template you created.
  3. Save and turn on the template. In the end it should look as follows:


Test, iterate, and enjoy !

You setup is completed, you can create test it out by creating a new vendor on your store with your email address, submit a product, and approve it as an admin.

Look, I got mine: email

Looking for another integration?

Don't hesitate to request an integration.