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Shopify order synchronisation

Synchronisation delay: real-time

Which orders are synchronised?

When an order is placed on the marketplace, it is split per vendor. Vendors using the Shopify integration will receive an new order in real-time synchronised with the marketplace.

Only new orders are synchronised. The application Garnet Seller does not have access to the vendor past orders.

Data imported

Once an order is place on the marketplace, it is transferred to the vendor. The order contains:

  • Products sold with quantity,
  • Customer details,
  • Garnet Marketplace URL in the order's note. Convenient when they need to reference the order to the marketplace,
  • The tag Your Marketplace Order, so the vendor can filter and export their orders related to Garnet. Convenient to double-check the vendor payouts,
  • The tag Your Marketplace Order #1234, so the vendor can easily find an order sent by the marketplace,
  • Order attributes and order note.


Note that the customer email address is obfusacted. It prevents vendor mailing automation from sending unwanted emails that will confuse the customer.

Instead we use placeholder emails like or

Stock decrement

When an order is created on the vendor store, the product stock will be decremented in real-time.

If the marketplace sells a product not synchronised with the marketplace (i.e. a product created outside of Garnet), an order will be created on the vendor store but the stock will not be decremented.