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Nuvemshop integration

Garnet integrates products from any Numvemshop. The app is registered as private which means it is not publicly available on the Nuvemshop app store and you need to install it manually.


The Nuvemshop integration synchronises the product from the vendor store to the marketplace in real-time.

Install Garnet Seller on Numvemshop

To install the app, the vendor needs to use the following URL and replace {store} with their store ID. https://{store}

The vendor will need to approve the app permissions to install Garnet Seller.

Add integration key

Navigate to Garnet > Settings > Integration > Nuvemshop and get the integration key from the interface. The key starts with gis_.

integration key origin

Paste the integration key

Get back to the Numvemshop app and paste the integration key. You should see the following screen once successful.

integration successful