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Specfications, as a vendors

Garnet makes it easy for vendors to add products. Let's see how the marketplace can customize specifications.

Display style

Some specification can be displayed with various style. For instance you can use a text field to upload an image, or a video. In the short clip below, you can see how to use a radio button instead of a drop down for a Short text specification:

specifications style demo

You can show specifications as a file upload, as a link, as radio buttons, and a lot more.

Specifications sections

Some marketplaces have dozens of specifications and it can be confusing for navigate through all these fields. Garnet provides Sections you can configure in Admin Panel > Specifications > Sections.

section settings

You can reorder specifications, and sections from this view. By default, unorganised specifications land in a section called Others.

Here how it looks like on the product upload page:

section display

Conditional display

For marketplaces with a lot of specifications, it can be useful to show/hide them conditionally. For instance, you can ask the vendor to Upload the certification proof only when the Certification has been chosen.

It makes the interface lighter and does not bother vendors with fields that they are not concerned by.

conditional specifications

To set the conditional display, go to your specfications and change the value Show to when {an other field} is set. If the confition is based on a drop-down field, you can select a the conditional value.

With Garnet, you can create elaborated specification dependencies. How about using it to help vendors set their products in your menu?

conditional specifications dependencies