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Vendor page

Marketplaces build trust thanks to their vendors. For this, we have made a vendor page that enables the marketplace to create a dedicated collection page for each vendor.

vendor page overview

Enable the vendor page

The vendor page can be enabled by the marketplace in Admin panel > Vendor page > Enable vendor page.

Display fields on the vendor page

All fields present on the vendor page can be used in Shopify's theme editor, either in liquid or with the interface widget.

vendor page use field

Technically, the fields filled by the vendor will be available as metafields in the storefront.

Available fields

The fields displayed on the vendor page can be configured in the Registration Field section. The vendor will need to fill all fields marked as Required to complete their profile.

Approval step

All updates will ne to be approved by the marketplace. This ensures content quality and prevent any surprise that would discourage customers.

When a field is tagged with Update requested, it means the vendor has updated a field and the marketplace needs to Approve updates in order to publish theses information.

Upload a youtube video

Vendors can also upload a youtube video instead of a photo. They will natively be displayed in Shopify.

youtube preview

Customise vendor's page design

The marketplace might want to customise the vendor page design. In Shopify, a vendor page is a collection. Note that when this feature is turned on, it will create as many collections as vendors in Shopify.


Products are sorted by best selling first.


Vendor pages are SEO-friendly, Garnet sets the page SEO title and SEO description. You can customise the SEO by editing the collection template linked to the vendor pages.