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Other appearance settings

Change your wordings

Often we see that the terms vendors or listings are not familiar with the marketplace industry. Garnet Marketplace allows the marketplace to change the wording to your liking at Garnet > Admin panel > Appearance.

terms change vendors and listings

As you can see from the above screenshot, we have changed the terms to sellers and bikes, which is suitable for a bike marketplace.

Change your support email

contact marketplace

You can change your contact marketplace link in Garnet > Admin panel > Appearance. This email will be used to redirect vendors when they want to reach out to you.

By default it links to the email of the marketplace's owner.


If you want to remove this field, simply set the contact text to empty.

Looking for more?

At Garnet we thrive at making your marketplace platform the best it can be. If you find anything that does not look great, let us know.