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Specfications, as a customer

Specifications can be used to display, filter, and sort your products. Here is how you can take the most out of them.

Automatically add products to a collection

A common use case is to add products to a collection depending on custom data.

To do so, edit the custom data and check Access options > Automated collections for the field in question.

Then you can create a Shopify collection with the condition {your field} is equal to {value}. Checkout the video:


Display custom data on your product page

Before using the data in your storefront, you must turn on the custom data option Access options > Storefront. You can then use your new field with the theme interface or liquid code.

Using Shopify theme

To use custom data in your theme, open the product page and using the button Insert dynamic source, you can select the custom data. See the video for more details:


Using liquid templates

Using liquid, you must locate the metafield key in Shopify's settings. It should look like where xxx is a unique key for your custom data. Then in your template code, insert the value with:

{{ }}