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Order view

Everytime an order is placed on the marketplace's Shopify store:

  1. the orderis split per vendor,
  2. each vendor receive an email notification,
  3. integrated vendors receive the order.

View details

Marketplace and vendors can see all placed orders from the the Orders tab.

order view list

As you can see on the screenshot, it contains:

  • the number of unfulfilled orders next to the Orders tab,
  • the search bar to find an order by its order number, customer name, SKU, product name, or date,
  • the filter to filter by order fulfilment status,
  • the list of all displayed orders.


Garnet Marketplace can be used as a Point of Sale (POS) device.

The order view refreshes itself every minute and every time you come back to the tab. This ensures that if you keep the order view open, the order list will always be up to date.

When an new order is placed, a popup will show presenting the new order:

new order place popup

Order status

The displayed order status is closely related to how Shopify computes the order. See more information in the split per vendor section.

Recurring order

Subscription orders are in fact regular orders that are renewed periodically. Check our subscription integration to configure your recurring orders.