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Listing configuration

Listings by default only request a handful of information. Even though the marketplace can set business-related fields with specifications, they can also turn on and off specific core functionalities related to listings. See more below.

configuration view

Allow product variations

Allows the vendor to use variations. For instance a T-Shit can come in different sizes or colors. A product can have up to 250 product variations. If the configuration for SKU, weight, or GTIN is turned on, they will apply for each variation of the product.

Enable GTIN/EAN/Barcode

If your vendors know the GTIN of their product, you can request it with an additional field. It can boost the product's SEO if it is entered correctly.

Enable compare price

Also named strike-out price, it is usually done to display a save %XX tag next to the product.

Enable SKU

SKUs are important for businesses and less important for individuals as they don't usually track inventory.

If disabled, Garnet will autogenerate a random SKU such as AJKDO4P for each product created. In such cases, you can consider the SKU to be unique across your whole store.

Enable weight field

Weight is usually used with shipping rules to fine grain the vendor's shipping costs.

Untracked stock

Some vendors have have a high or infinite (for digital products) stock for a product and they do not keep track of the stock. Enable them to mark the stock as Untracked when creating a product.

untracked stock

Use digital products only

Use this feature if all of your products are digital. Their stock will be marked as infinite by default.


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