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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Garnet Marketplce cost?

Our pricing is transparently shared on in the pricing section.

Where do I start?

You can install Garnet Marketplace then follow our onboarding check-list.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Do vendors have access to the customer's email address and phone number?

Yes. Vendors have access to the email address, phone number and delivery address. Here is a sample of a (fake) order in Garnet:


Note that we understand that some vendors have automated tools that might send customers confirmation or fulfilment emails which is not ideal. That's why for automated integration, we obfuscate the email address.

My vendors are taking holidays, how can I disable their account?

If the vendor is using a Shopify integration, they can select all their products and unpublish them from Garnet Seller. This will set the stock to 0 on the marketplace.

Otherwise, the marketplace can set the quantity of all products to 0, or they can unpublish the products from their Shopify.

What happen when there is a customer dispute?

When a customer disputes a transaction and request a refund, officially the dispute is between the customer and the marketplace. However it is common for the marketplace to forward the dispute to the vendor when necessary.

How do Garnet count active vendors?

A vendor is counted as managed by Garnet Marketplace if at least one of these conditions is valid:

  • The vendor has at least one user accessing Garnet
  • The vendor has at least one integration activated
  • The vendor has a vendor page created via Garnet

Hence, if the marketplace is managing its own inventory without using Garnet, the associated vendor(s) will not be counted as active vendors.

How to standardize my images on the marketplace?

Vendors provide images of different sizes and with a different backgrounds. I don't want my marketplace to be messy!

It is important for a marketplace to have consistency to bring more trust to the marketplace hence it is not acceptable to have images of different sizes on your marketplace.

Image size

Fortunatly, you don't need to let the vendor resize their images one by one. A software developper can ensure the object-fit and aspect-ratio are set properly.


Without the object-fit and aspect-ratio set: without css

With the object-fit and aspect-ratio set: with css

For any punctual needs, Garnet provides a resize and crop feature.

If you have specific needs, contact us

Image background

Sometime vendors will provide an image with a background that does not match your needs. You can use Garnet's background removal feature to properly remove the background.

How can I create a communication channel between my customer and my vendor?

When a customer makes an order, the vendor can access the customer's details. It is helpful to arrange the delivery and resolve any out-of-stock or delay without including the marketplace.

However, on purpose, the customer cannot access the vendor's contact details. Indeed, at Garnet, we experimented with different marketplaces, which cost more support time and effort.

We recommend marketplaces reduce support requests by:

  • creating a return and cancellation policy on their website on a dedicated page and linking it in their emails and FAQ.
  • insanely sharing the tracking link page to ensure customers can find it easily.
  • using support tools to filter and assign requests to your team or to redirect to your website policies.

What happens if I exceed Garnet plan's limit ?

No marketplace will be blocked when they exceed the limit of their plan.

Garnet's pricing will charge reasonable fees in case you reach these limits. Open Compare features to view the current overage prices.

If the overage prices become too expensive, consider to contact us to apply for an Entreprise Plan.

Garnet's price have increased, will I get charged more?


As an early adopter of Garnet Marketplace you benefitted from an attractive price and contributed to building what Garnet Marketplace is today. As a token of gratitude, Garnet will not increase their clients base price.

However Overage fees may apply.

How Garnet charges?

Garnet is integrated with Shopify Billing API. When you are paying for Shopify, there will be an extra line in your invoice that includes Garnet's charges.

Shopify adds your local taxes on top of application charges. So Garnet charges are tax excluded.

For customizations, it can either be charged through the Shopify Billing API or through other medium.