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Install Garnet

Garnet Marketplace is publicly available on the Shopify App store.

Get the app from the App Store

Install Garnet by adding it from the Shopify App Store.



Garnet Marketplace is PCI compliant. Your customers' data are safely encrypted at rest and in transit.

Garnet stores most of it's data inside Shopify and is compliant with the best Customer Data Protection (level 3).

Approve the installation

This page shows you what permission Garnet requires. It requires permission for your vendors to edit their orders and their products and permission to edit collections.

Click on Install app to continue.


Plans and free trial

You must start a plan to use Garnet Marketplace. All our plans come with a 14-day free trial. See Garnet's landing page to learn more about our prices.

Note that Shopify will notify you when your free trial is about to end.