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Prestashop integration

Create an access key for Garnet

You can create an access key for Garnet in Prestashop > Advanced Parameters > Webservice, then add a Webservice key with the following permissions:

Permission namescopepurpose
productsViewaccess your product's details
imagesViewaccess your product's images
combinationsViewaccess your product's combinations
product_option_valuesViewaccess your product's combinations's option values
stock_availablesViewaccess your product's stock
tax_rule_groupsViewaccess your product's tax for computation
order_detailsViewread order's tracking number
order_historiesViewread order's details
addressesAddcreate an address to link to an order
cartsAddcreate a cart to link to an order
customersView & Addcreate new customers for an order
ordersView & Addcreate new orders

You can find a more detailed explanation on Prestashop's official documentation.

Product, order, and tracking synchronisation

This documentation hasn't been written yet but the feature is live. Contact us to know more about it.