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Bulk upload via CSV

Vendors with large inventory won't have time to add their listings individually. With Garnet, thanks to the CSV upload feature, you can add thousands of listings within a few minutes.

This feature is found on Garnet > Listings > Create > Bulk upload via CSV.


Upload a CSV

Any CSV will do. To ensure you have all the fields, you can download an example of CSV file directly from the interface. The sample contains all the fields you can use and showcase a complex listing with variants.

Once you have your file ready, you can upload it to Garnet. You can then review your data and make sure it is the correct CSV. The first few rows are displayed to help you correct any obvious mistake.


When you are happy with your file, hit the confirm button.

Map CSV fields

Your file's headers do not necessarily align with Garnet's. Here you can map your file's headers with the one available on Garnet. Moreover, for every field you map, you will have a live validation that will explicitly tell if some values are wrong.


As you can see here, the field Marca is wrongly mapped to stock expecting a number. The error states that lines 2-44 should be a number, here we understand that the mapping was incorrect.

When the lines are separated with a dash, it represents the range of lines. For instance an error on lines 2-5,7-9 means that the error has been raised for lines 2 to 5, and 7 to 9.

Option name and value

When you upload a variant on your CSV, you can set up to 3 variants. Variants contain both a name and a value.

Here we set the header Categorias to option 1 value, which means that all values is this column will be read as the first variant. Below the dropdown, you see an input called Option 1 name that represents the names of all variants values. Garnet helps by pre-filling the name by using the CSV header's name.


Once you have fixed all validation issues, and all mandatory fields have been set, you can confirm and submit your file.

Upload successful

Congratulation! You manage to upload your listings. It can take up to 5 minutes to upload thousands of listings. Return to the product page and refresh the page until the update is applied.

Use case: update product fields in bulk

You can download a CSV of all your submission, edit its specifications, and upload it back into Garnet to update fields in bulk.