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Shopify product synchronisation

Synchronisation delay: real-time

Which products are synchronised?

The vendor decides which products to synchronise. The vendor can access the products available on the marketplace following Shopify > Sales channels > Garnet Seller > Manage availability.

availabillity set app

Alternatively, a vendor can publish individual products on the marketplace by clickong Publishing > Sales channel > Garnet Seller:

add product ui

Price and compare price transformation

The vendor and the marketplace can change the product before it is sent to the marketplace. The price transformation can either be an addition, a multiplication, or a combinaision of both.

Example 1: a vendor wants to add a flat fee for the marketplace. A product is for sale at $20 and there is a flat $4 increment, the price on the marketplace will be $24.

Example 2: a vendor wants to discount all their products by 20%. A product is for sale at $20 and there is a ration increment of 0.8, the price on the marketplace will be $16.

Garnet uses the following formula to compute the marketplace price:

Marketplace price = flat + orginal price * factor

vendor price update

Vendor update price view on Garnet Seller

marketplace price update

Marketplace update price view on Garnet Marketplace

Once changed, it can take up to 10 minutes to update all prices.

Manage different currencies

By default Garnet doesn't convert prices from the seller currency to the marketplace's currency. However, you can set a percentage price change to use a fixed currency.

For instance, if the seller store is in EUR and the marketplace store is in USD and the currenct exchange rate id 1 EUR = 1.078 USD, you can use a percentage change of 107.80.

Garnet always store the currency in the marketplace currency, if you want to change the displayed currency, you can change the displayed currency.

Untracked inventory

If the vendor do not track the inventory of their product, they will be marked as untracked inventory on Garnet.

Sanitised product description

For privacy reason, all <scripts> and <iframes> tags are removed from the product description.

Updates and approval

Only price/stock updates will be propagated automatically.

When another visible field is edited (title, description, images or compare price), Garnet will generate a new submission that needs to be approved by the marketplace.

Product deletion

When a product is deleted or removed from the Garnet Seller sales channel, the linked product is also deleted on the marketplace both as a submission, and as a product.