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Brevo email integration

By default, Garnet uses its own templates to send emails to vendors. Using the Brevo integration enables the marketplace to trigger its own templates or workflows.

Brevo email integration is available for the marketplace using the Integrated Plan.

Generate an API Key

To get started, create an API key by going to Brevo > (your company) > SMTP & API > API Keys > Generate a new API key. You can call the new key Garnet.

The generated API key should start with xkeysib-.... Once you have the API key, send us the API key.

brevo create API Key


This API key will only show once. Make sure to save it!

Create your templates

As of now, Garnet triggers 2 kind of templates that contains a specific type of data. Please ensure that the template names are exactly the ones shared below.

Template nameSent toData available
[Garnet] Product approvedvendorShopify product object
[Garnet] Order placedvendorShopify order object

Looking for another integration?

Don't hesitate to request an integration.