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Manual invitation

Usually, vendors will go through the registration process to create an account. sometimes the marketplace prefers adding products and setting up the vendor account without asking the vendor to fill out the registration form.

As marketplaces can have multiple communication channels with their vendors, Garnet provide a flexible way to create them an account and send them an invitation.


Here is how the manual invitation works:

  • The marketplace create a vendor
  • The marketplace create a new user associated to the vendor
  • The marketplace shares the email and password to the vendor via email (or other mean)
  • The vendor registers on Garnet and creates a new password (no email access is required)

create account demo

Add a new user

The marketplace can add a new user at Garnet > Admin panel > Switch vendor then click the vendor you want to add a user to.

add user interface

When a user is created, a temporary password is created. Share the details with the vendor, if you lost these credentials, you will have to remove the user and create it again.

password created

As a shortcut, Garnet provides a link to automatically write a draft email to the seller.

Remove a user

Hover on the vendor, click an confirm Remove user.

user remove

Reset a user's password

To reset a password, a user can recover their password themselves. Alternatively, you can remove the user, add the user again, and share the user's temporary password with them.