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Registration form

The simplest way for vendors to register on the marketplace is to complete the registration form. To customise the form, see our documentation on registration fields.

You can access the registration menu from Garnet > Admin Panel > Vendors > Invite vendors.

Alternatively if you don't want to bother your vendor in filling this form, you can invite them manually.


The registration form can either be:

  1. displayed on your Shopify website, allowing any vendor to register on your marketplace.
  2. shared as a link to onboard specific vendors. Garnet takes care of displaying the page.

The form helps the marketplace to identify and even vendor approval

Display the form on the marketplace

You can use a Shopify page to display the registration form. If you want an immediate solution, use Garnet's auto-generated pages, otherwise you can customise your own.

Use auto-generated pages

To simplify the task, Garnet creates pages when you install the application. These pages are simple and only contain one element that renders the registration form.

If you are looking for something more custom, you can edit the page content itself.

auto-generates pages

These pages can be added to your Shopify menu. Here is an example of a auto-generates pages:

ananature registration

Customise the code

Here is an example of a custom registration page implementation:

pretty registration page

It can be done by adding the registration page <iframe> found in Garnet > Admin Panel > Vendors > Invite vendors. You can copy/paste the code from Garnet and use it at will in your page's source code.

invite vendor iframe

Alternatively, you can share the link (see screenshot above) with the vendor.

With the white-label plan, you can customise the header text and even change it to your own logo, as well as personalising the colors.

link registration form


Once a vendor registered on the marketplace, both the marketplace and the vendor receive an email.

The email sent to the vendor can be customised to use your own theme and wording. See notification section.