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Specifications, use cases

Some marketplaces reached out to us with interesting use cases.

Sell digital assets

1. Create a file specification

You can request vendors to add a file of any type to their product by adding a specification Short text, then change the Style to file.

sample file

2. Create a product

Vendors can upload a file when creating a product in Add products > Specifications:

file uploaded

Once the product is published, you can access the URL of the file in Shopify > Products > (your product) > Metafields. Programmically, you can use the metafield reference in your theme.

Following Shopify > Settings > Checkout > Order status page > Additional script, the marketplace can add a script to add a list of downloadable assets.

See the code
<script defer>
  // Garnet script to display the downloadable assets to the checkout page
  function addSection() {
    {% assign metafield_key = 'download_link' %} // ⚠️ Change the name of the metafield key
    const firstNode = document.querySelector('.section .content-box:first-child')
    const parent = firstNode.parentElement
    const newEl = firstNode.cloneNode(true);
    newEl.querySelector('h2').innerText = 'Download your assets'
    const content = newEl.querySelector('p')

    // Add links to content
    content.innerHTML = ''
    {% for line_item in order.line_items %}
    {% assign asset_url = line_item.product.metafields.custom[metafield_key] %}
    {% if asset_url %}
    content.innerHTML +=
          <a href="{{ asset_url }}" target="_blank">
            {{ line_item.product.title }}
    {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}
    if (content.innerHTML === '') return console.log('No assets to display')

    parent.insertBefore(newEl, firstNode.nextSibling)
  setTimeout(addSection, 500) // Defer is not enough , we arbitrary wait for the dom to render

checkout result

Following Shopify > Settings > Notifications > Customer notifications > Order confirmation > Edit code, the marketplace can customize the order confirmation code and add the links of the assets

See the code

Locate the code next to the product title cell and use:

{% assign metafield_key = 'download_link' %} <!-- ⚠️ Change the name of the metafield key -->
{% assign asset_url = line.product.metafields.custom[metafield_key] %} 
{% if asset_url %}
  <a href="{{ asset_url }}" target="_blank">Download</a>
{% endif %}

email result

Any issue?

Reach out to us if you need help from our developers.