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Marketplace onboarding

Alright, I installed Garnet, what do I do now?

Whether your marketplace is newly established or already taking orders, you should follow these steps to have the important setup done.

If you don't want to spend time and effort, we can do it for you.

welcome to garnet

Install Garnet Marketplace app

Before anything else, you need to install Garnet Marketplace, select a plan, and create an account.

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Marketplace onboarding roadmap

  1. Registration fields
  2. Product specifications
  3. Automated collections
  4. Add Garnet to your theme (optional)
  5. White label Garnet (optional)
  6. Invite your first vendors

Registration fields

What do you need to know from your vendors? prepare all the questions you need to ask them before they create an account.

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Product specifications

What do you need to know from your products? What information do you want to display? How do you want them filtered?

Product specifications

Product configuration

Automated collections

Create your collections based on your product specifications.

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Add Garnet to your theme (optional)

Add your registration form and login form on your storefront.

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White label Garnet (optional)

Invite your first vendors

With all the above setup, you can either create products on behalf of vendors or invite them directly.

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