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Migrate to Garnet

Is your marketplace powered by other tools? That's no problem. Garnet Marketplace automatically handles the migration, and we assist you with anything else that remains.

The major part of the migration is automated, however you will need your vendors to use a new password when moving to Garnet.

Garnet can co-exist with other apps

Garnet Marketplaces gets its data directly from Shopify. Hence by design it co-exists with other applications. This enables the marketplace to have a seemless transition to Garnet.

How to migrate products?

Garnet relies on the vendor value in your Shopify product to assign it to a vendor. For example, if a product's vendor is Asian Crowns, then it will be visible only to the users of Asian Crowns in Garnet Marketplace.

How to migrate orders?

All orders are automatically imported into Garnet. All orders will be split per vendor and assigned to the right account in Garnet Marketplace.

How to migrate vendors?

The marketplace will need to invite the vendors to create an account in Garnet Marketplace. One way is to invite vendors manually, if you have more than 50 vendors, you can send us a CSV export of your vendors and we will prepare the necesary for you.

How to migrate shipping fees?

Shipping fees are directly customizable in Garnet Marketplace. Each vendor can update their fees when they access their account.

How to migrate vendor memberships?

If your vendors are already using a subscription model to have access to your marketplace, we can help you migrate them to Garnet. To do so, invite Garnet to your Stripe account managing the memberships. We need the permissions View only roles to plan the migration and Developper roles to migrate the users & subscriptions.