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Shippo integration

Garnet is integrated with several shipping integrations and released the integration with Shippo to the general public. When turned on, vendors can purchase shipping labels at a preferred price.

Get started

Access the delivery settings in Garnet > Admin panel > Shipping > Shippo integration, there you can add your Shippo API key.

To create an API key, you can refer to Shippo's documentation. Garnet accepts both production and test API key.

We strongly recommend you test your setup with a test API key before going live. We also recommend using the settings to cumulate the delivery settings. See the delivery settings section to know more about it.

shippo settings

Fulfill an order

When the Shippo integration is turned on, the order view will have more fulfilment functionalities.

Without Shippo, the vendor needs to specify:

  • the tracking number
  • the carrier
  • (optional) the tracking URL.

With Shippo, the vendor specifies:

  • the delivery address
  • the size and weight of the package
  • the best rate according to the customer's preference

shippo order

Note that the package weight and size can vary compared to the original products. That's why the vendor is requested to input these values once more to avoid choosing a shipping method unsuitable.

Payment flow

When using Shippo payment, you need to set up Shopify to use the appropriate rates. However, Shopify only offers its own computed shipping rates to e-commerces. Fortunately, since Shippo is cheaper than Shopify, this won't be a problem.

Here is the payment flow:

  1. The customer checks out their cart. The shipping is computed using Shopify's shipping prices.
  2. The vendor uses Shippo on Garnet to print the shipping label that complies with the customer requirements.
  3. The marketplace pays for the shipping label to Shippo and keeps whatever difference there is between the customer expenses, and the cost of the shipping label.

Deactivate integration

You can deactivate the integration at any time by clicking on Disable integration.

shippo deactivate

Are you looking for another shipping integration?

Feel free to request an integration to get in touch with us.