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Access Garnet's notifications settings in Admin panel > Notifications.

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There are 3 types of notifications:

  • marketplace notifications: emails sent to the marketplace administrators,
  • vendor notifications: emails sent to the marketplace's vendors,
  • customer notifications: emails sent to the customers or potential customers.

Garnet does not send email to your customers. Such emails can be managed by other applications or marketplace software outside Garnet.

Marketplace notifications

Marketplace notifications improve the marketplace administrator experience. As of now, Garnet sends the following emails:

  • Each product submission, sent every time a vendor is submits a product for apprival. Useful when the marketplace has a few products to approve daily.
  • Daily digest, sent a notification every day at the same time with the list of submissions and vendors pending approval. Useful when the marketplace has a daily income of submissions to approve.
  • Vendor registration, sent when a vendor registers with the marketplace. It contains all registration fields submitted by the vendor during their onboarding.
  • Vendor approval request, same as Vendor registration emails, sent when the vendor approval

Vendor notifications

We have a lot to say about such notifications. Go to our dedicated page.

Marketplace daily digest

When your marketplace is processing a significànt number of new products, turn on the daily digest features to be up-to-date with items pending your approval.

email digest

You can set the delivery time to your choosing.

Email integrations

You can send emails on this website by integrating them with your own email service. Such integration has a lot of advantages:

  • Increase vendor trust by using your own email domain
  • Have a consistent branding accross your emails and your website
  • Collect email metrics
  • Build your own email workflow
  • Collect more Garnet events to build advanced notifications

Currently Garnet integrates with several email services such as Klaviyo, Brevo, Mailchimp and more.

Using your own email service is available for the marketplace using the Integrated Plan.