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Notifications ‚Äč

As of now, there are four types of notifications:

Email sent whenSent toAction available
Vendor registersmarketplaceEmail vendor
Product approval is requiredmarketplaceApprove product
Vendor page change requestedmarketplaceApprove vendor page
Product approvedvendorsSee live product
Order placedvendorsFulfil order

Note that no email is send to customers, only to the marketplace admins and to vendors. By default, these transaction emails are sent by with a simplistic design.

You can send email on these website by integrating with your own email service. Such integration has a lot of advantages:

  • Increase vendor trust by using your own email domain
  • Have a consistent branding accross your emails and your website
  • Collect email metrics
  • Build your own email workflow
  • Collect more Garnet events to build advanced notifications

Currently Garnet integrates with several email services such as Klaviyo, Brevo, Mailchimp and more.

Using your own email service is available for marketplace using the Integrated Plan.

See the default emails on this videos: