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Edit image

Garnet provides several tools to simplify the vendor's experience, such as uploading new listings or editing existing ones.

Image reorder

You can reorder the image by clicking on the little arrows below them. image reorder

Note that the helper text you see below can be configured in the Admin Panel.

Upload from URL

Images can also be imported with their URL. It is convenient when you are copy/pasting image directly from a website.

upload from url

Youtube videos

Import Youtube video directly inside the product.

youtube video select

Edit image description

Image description is important for SEO, it enables search engines to understand the image. With Garnet you can click the image and set the description on the Zoomed image. Technically, the description is used as the image alt property.

Resize and crop

Images can be resized and cropped to a specific size. Drag the crop box on the image and adjust the scale parameter. Once you have the perfect fit, Save the image then confirm your choice.

resize and crop

Remove background

Directly within Garnet, you can remove your background images. Simply click Remove background and wait for a few seconds for the image to be loaded.

background removal