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Shipping settings

What delivery cost will be used when a customer adds products from different vendors to their cart?

Shipping is a cornerstone of marketplaces, and it can become challenging when vendors are not used to shipping packages. That's why, at Garnet, we simplified the vendor's options.

There are 3 options available in Garnet > Admin panel > Shipping, we will explain here how they work and which one you should use.

shipping tab with customisation

Test delivery and cart setup

Before jumping into the available settings, let's set up some shipping costs in Shopify > Settings > Shipping and delivery.

shipping default settings

Here the marketplace has 3 shipping options:

  • Express shipping, at $20
  • Standard shipping, at $10
  • Free shipping for a total order price above $50

And let's say our customer checks out with the following cart:

test cart

Which contains:

  • Sanaru Pineapple at $100 from vendor Asian Crowns
  • Abacaxi Pineapple at $22 from vendor Pineapple Rocket
  • Balvadar Pineapple at $32 from vendor Fruit Emporium

Total before tax and before shipping: $154

1. Only use Shopify's delivery settings

This is the default, and the simplest option. When enabled, Garnet will use your Shopify's shipping settings.

With our settings, since the total from the cart is above $50, the Free shipping option is available along with Express shipping and Standard shipping

cart with default shopify settings


Use this setting when you offer free shipping on all products. The shipping cost is included in the product price.

2. Cumulate shipping cost for each vendor

This option will use your Shopify's default shipping setting to all vendors. If you change the delivery setting in Shopify, you will need to reset this option to ensures vendors all have the same settings.

In our example, both Standard shipping and Express shipping apply to all products. Hence the cost is 3 times the cost of the individual items.

Only Sanaru Pineapple qualify for Free shipping, however for simplicity Shopify hides this option. If the customer wants Free shipping, they have to use another cart.

cart with default shopify settings


Use this setting when vendors have their own logistic methods.

3. Vendors can override with flat delivery fees

On Garnet, we set the following option names: Premium shipping, 1-day shipping, and International shipping.

Garnet settings names

Then for each vendor, we were able to customize the delivery fees by going to Garnet > Settings > Shipping methods

See Pineapple Rockets's shipping methods on Garnet

shipping setting example

VendorPremium shipping1-day shippingInternational shipping
Asian Crowns$10-$23
Pineapple Rocket$11$10$24
Fruit Emporium$12$10-

Looking at the cart, we can see that only Premium shipping is available for all items. It is priced at $10 + $11 + $12 = $33.


Use this setting when the marketplace is paying for vendor's shipping costs.

3rd-party integrations

At Garnet we are working with several logistic partners to automate the vendor shipping experience. Contact us to know more about it.

If you are looking to integrate with custom or in-house logistic software, you can contact us to request an integration.