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Order fulfilment

Whenever an order is placed the vendor receives an email notification.

The marketplace can customize the content and design of the email in the settigns.


It's time to open the order and see what needs to be fulfilled.

Order view


There are various things to note in this view:

  • Order number, usually starting with a # is the unique identifier of the order. You can include this number when communicating with the marketplace.
  • Order status, here unfulfilled, tells you and the marketplace the order status.
  • To be fulfilled, lists all the products and their quantity that need to be fulfilled. You can add any tracking number from well-known providers. If your provider is not listed you can scroll down to Other where you will have the opportunity to paste the tracking URL if any.
  • Delivery details contain the necessary data to ship the product (for physical product). Note that the email address is not shared.

Now we pack the order and ship it to the customer. You input the tracking number and press Fulfil 1 item.

Fulfilled order


Once fulfilled, you can view what fulfilments happened. After a few seconds, you will see a Download invoice link. From here, you can download the invoice from you (the vendor) to the customer.