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create a product

Individual upload

When arriving on Garnet you can start by creating your first product.


  • Title: title of the product
  • Description: description of the product that supports HTML. For instance, you can use <b>Some text</b> to render bold text. Some marketplaces might reject or amend HTML markup.
  • Media: Up to 4 images or videos can be attached to the product.
  • SKU: Stands for "Stock Keeping Unit". It is the unique identifier that defines your product. Garnet generates an SKU based on the title if you don't have an SKU for your product.
  • Price: Price in the shop currency (here SGD).
  • Stock: Quantity in stock.
  • Meta field: Additional data requested by the marketplace.

If the price or stock is 0, the product will not be available for sale once approved. You will be able to edit the product once sent for approval.

More settings are available in the Admin Panel to customize the entire page.

Bulk upload

You can use bulk upload to create or update up to 10 000 products. Follow the instruction in the modal to construct your CSV file properly. Parsing errors will be shown after the upload.


Waiting for approval

Once submitted, the marketplace will receive a notification to approve the product and will review and approve your product.

Once your product has been approved, you will receive an email notification. If your product has stock and a valid price, it will be available for sale!