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Vendor shipping

When the marketplace has enabled vendor shipping, the vendor can customize their shipping fees based on the order price, the order weight, and the customer locations.

vendor shipping view

Internally, vendor shipping rates correspond to a Shopify shipping profile with the vendor's products assigned to it.

Shipping zones

By default, the vendor will create a shipping rate on the default marketplace's market. If the market contains sub-region, the vendor can narrow down their fee for a subregion.

A country or a sub-region can only appear in one shipping zone to avoid conflicts. Unavailable countries are greyed out and cannot be selected.

shipping subregions

Shipping rates

When a shipping zone is selected, the vendor can add shipping rates. A shipping rate has:

  • a name, based on the shipping method names provided by the marketplace,
  • a description, that will show on the checkout page,
  • a price, the price of the rate,
  • a condition, either based on the order price or order weight.

shipping rates


Any use case not covered will prevent the customer from purchasing the item. i.e. If there is no rate for 20kg and above, a customer will not be able to complete their purchase.