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All fulfilment features in Garnet are available from the vendor's Shopify store. See how to install Garnet Seller to get started.

Note that all integrations are in real-time so there is almost no delay (less than a few seconds) between the data from the vendor, and the data from the marketplace.


The Shopify integration synchronises the product from the vendor store to the marketplace in real-time.

ShopifyA product is createdA Marketplace submission is created
ShopifyA product is editedThe Marketplace submission is updated
ShopifyA product is deletedThe Marketplace submission and live product are deleted
ShopifyA product is price/stock is editedThe Marketplace submission and live product are updated
MarketplaceAn order including the vendor is placedThe order is split and created in Shopify
ShopifyAn order is fulfilledThe corresponding order is fulfilled on the Marketplace


Products listed to the sales channel Garnet Seller are automatically available in Garnet > Products. Hence, all products will need to be approved by the marketplace before being available for sale.

Garnet uses the product's SKU as the unique identifier. Make sure to keep it the same to avoid having duplicate listings in Garnet.

If a product is removed from Garnet Seller, then it will be removed from Garnet Marketplace as well. If the product is already live, its stock will be set to 0 to prevent overselling.

Once the marketplace sells a product, the stock in Shopify will be decremented accordingly. Hence it prevents the vendor from selling on another sale channel out-of-stock products.


Once an order is made on the marketplace, it is transferred to the vendor. The order contains:

  • Product sold with quantity
  • Customer details
  • Garnet Marketplace URL in the order's note. Convenient when they need to reference the order to the marketplace.
  • The tag Your Marketplace Order, so the vendor can filter and export their orders related to Garnet. Convenient to double-check the vendor payouts.
  • The tag Your Marketplace Order #1234, so the vendor can easily find an order sent by the marketplace


Note that the customer email address is obfusacted. It prevents vendor mailing automation from sending unwanted emails that will confuse the customer.

Instead we use placeholder emails like or


Whenever an order is forwarded from the marketplace to the vendor, the vendor can fulfil it. The following fulfilment details are forwarded back to the marketplace:

  • tracking company
  • tracking number
  • tracking URL

Hence if the marketplace has email automation in place, it will correctly pick the data.


We are in discussion with the Shopify team to create a payment integration to automatically bill and transfer the payout from the marketplace to the vendor.

Contact us if you want to be notified once the feature is available.