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Register as a vendor

The marketplace will need to send you a registration link to register as a vendor. The documentation can be found here.


If you are already connected to Garnet, you must logout to see the registration form.

1. Identity

The first step is to specify your identity. It is used internally by the marketplace to reach you for billing, and compliance with local regulations. There is no functional difference between and individual and a business.

We decline your vendor name from your identityt type. If you are an individual, your vendor name will be {First name} {Last name}. If you are a business, your vendor name will be your company name.


Some of the fields will differ depending on your country. If to comply with local regulation you need additional fields, contact us.

Register as an individual


Register as a business


2. Email and password

Input a valid email address and your password. Note that the password needs to be at least 8-character long.



3. Verification code

Within a few seconds, you will get an email with a 6-digit verification code. Paste the code in the form to continue to the next step. The code is valid for 24 hours.



4. Welcome to Garnet

You can continue on the Garnet platform to create your first product.