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Invite your vendors

Vendor invitation is a key feature of Garnet. Depending on the type of marketplace you are you can use invitations publicly or privately.

To open the invite vendor modal, go to the top right and click "Invite vendors".


Here is an example of an invitation link.


Do you want to know what it leads to? You copy/paste the one generated on your browser or try the link from our demonstration account:

For transparent marketplaces, we usually see the link in the header or the footer of your website.

For undercover marketplaces, this link can paste into a chat or sent via email to your vendor to start their registration.

Custom design

If you are looking to customise the registration page, see Customise Login/register


Every time a vendor self-registers with this link, you will receive an email notification.



See email notifications.

What does vendor registration look like?

See vendor registration.