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Get started with Garnet


What is Garnet?

Garnet turns e-commerce stores into marketplaces.

Vendors can list products, receive orders, and fulfil shipments from one platform. Marketplace earns a commission on sales.

  • Vendors are the best to make, marketplaces are the best to sell. Garnet is the tool that bridges this gap and allows both parties to work together effortlessly.

  • Within 5 minutes you can set up Garnet with your e-commerce store and onboard any vendors to sell on your website. You can be a mature marketplace or a profitable e-commerce business looking to increase your catalogue, Garnet is the tool for you.

  • We personally help you to start and make sure you spend your time selling, rather than configuring platforms.

  • We have great expertise in marketplaces, and we are powering a community of more than a hundred marketplaces and thousands of vendors facing similar challenges every day.

Install the app on Shopify or contact us to get started.

How to use this documentation?

This documentation is for both marketplaces and vendors. You will find everything you need, from getting started to advanced features. Keep in mind that this is a growing documentation. If you spot any error or need information please get in touch with us.

Marketplace and vendor

Let's take some time to define what is a marketplace and what is a vendor as we will reference them often throughout the documentation.


A Marketplace is an e-commerce website that resells products online. Marketplaces source their products (digital or physical) from other companies or individuals that compensated with a commission. Usually marketplaces excel in marketing or deeply understand the market.

Some marketplaces make their own products mixed with their vendors. It's a way to bring more traffic to their website, diversify their revenues, and understand customers better.

From experience we can tell there are kind categories of marketplaces:

  • Transparent marketplaces openly display that they are a marketplace. They tend to offer a vendor registration page on their menu.

  • Undercover marketplaces look like regular brands without explicitly stating they are a marketplace. They tend to source their vendors themselves without advertising them on their websites.

Marketplaces earn money with a commission on each sale or affiliation they make.


A vendor is a company or an individual that provides products. Usually when it comes to physical goods, the vendor handles shipping as well. We see various categories of vendors:

  • Makers are crafting, assembling, or producing. They tend to have the most unique products not available elsewhere on the market. For instance,artisans, farmers, independent creators, artists, event organisers...
  • Owners hold the products but are not makers. For instance,a collector, a hotel selling reservations, or someone that purchased a phone.
  • Shopkeepers are traditional offline businesses that take the opportunity of the marketplace to sell online without hassle.

Vendors earn money by selling their products. They pay the marketplace by giving a commission on the order total.