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Stripe Connect integration

The Stripe Connect integration is a payment solution for marketplaces to automatically pay their vendors.

Whenever the marketplace needs to pay its vendors, Garnet will initiate a Stripe payment from the marketplace account to the vendor account.

The payout events can be customised within Garnet to suit your marketplace needs.

Note that Garnet only facilitates the payment and is never holding the customer's money at any time.


Stripe is not available in some countries, make sure to check their availability page.


When customers buy products and services on a marketplace, the marketplace collects the payment. After a set number of dats, the marketplace pays back the vendor's order minus the commission taken by the marketplace.

payout process

Garnet's integration with Stripe Connect automated the payout from the marketplace to vendors. When Garnet initiates the payment, the money will end up in the vendor's bank account minus a transfer fee taken by Stripe. Check Stripe's pricing page for more details.

Note that the marketplace and the vendors need a Stripe account to use Stripe Connect.

Marketplace setup

Step 1: Create a Stripe Account and get verified

The marketplace must create a Stripe account following the registration link. After replying to all questions you will need to get verified. It can take a few days and require you to send additional verification documents.

Step 2: Enable Stripe Connect

Setup Stripe Connect for the marketplace account by going to Stripe > Settings > Explore > Connect or clicking on this link. Then click on the Get started with Connect button.

Stripe connect before get started

You will have several questions to answer about your business. If you have any question you can contact us. It might take a few days for the account to be verified.

Step 3: Set your branding

It is important that you set up your logo and theme color in Stripe. Go to Stripe > Settings > Branding or click on this link.

set up branding

Step 4: Generate a Stripe API key

Then go to Stripe > Developpers > API keys and copy the Secret key, you will need it later for the setup.

path to get API key

The API key starts with sk_live_.

Step 5: Request access on Garnet

On Garnet, go to Admin panel > Payment > Stripe Connect and input your credentials in the form. Our team will get back to you within 5 working days.

Payment settings on Garnet