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Generate commission

Built-in commission

Garnet automatically compute the financials of order lines and refunds. Set commission for each vendor.

finance view

Product import

Bring more products

Vendors can easily create products.
Use unlimitted fields.
Manual entry, CSV, Shopify integration, and more.

Order management

Ship. Fulfil.

Vendors manage orders as their own. Powerful search and filters.
Synchronise with Shopify.

order management
phone view


Access anywhere

Take a picture from your phone or your tablet, you can create products and ship orders without hassle.

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Pricing built for businesses of all sizes.


  1. Unlimited orders
  2. Up to 5 vendors
  3. Up to 3,000 variants


  1. Unlimited orders
  2. Up to 50 vendors
  3. Up to 10,000 variants
  4. Vendor payout
  5. Custom branding
  6. Custom domain


  1. Unlimited orders
  2. Unlimited vendors
  3. Up to 100,000 variants
  4. Product catalogue
  5. Shipping rules
  6. Shipping label
  7. Real-time integrations
  8. Email integrations
  9. Shipping integrations


  1. Unlimited orders
  2. Unlimited variants
  3. Unlimited vendors
  4. Third-party integration
  5. Return & replacement
  6. Multi-store
  7. Multi-language
  8. Promotional campaign
  9. On-premise
  10. Tailored customizations
All prices are in USD
Starter Professional Integrated Enterprise
Number of orders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Order fulfilment
Order custom data
Orders export
Order splitting
Invoice Generation -
Order logs - -
Shipping comments
Custom shipping costs per vendor -
Shipping cost at checkout -
Vendor consistent shipping methods -
Shipping integrations - -
Shipping labels - -
Number of SKUs 3,000 10,000 100,000 Unlimited
Max variation per products 50 100 250 Unlimited
Additional data points 10 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost per additional 1,000 SKU - $1 $0.2 Custom
Products export
Product creation wizard
Product approval
Digital products -
Product constraints -
CSV bulk upload -
Product edit logs - - -
Product Catalogue
Access to product catalogue - -
Bulk update models via CSV - -
Simplest product creation - -
Auto-approve with catalogue - -
Conditional fields - -
Catalogue onboarding call - - 1 hour custom
Registration from your website
Login from your website
Logo on login page -
Logo on Garnet portal -
Customize support email -
Customize vendor name -
Change colors - -
Custom domain - -
100% white label - -
Email notifications
Marketplace notifications
Vendor notifications
Customize your email template -
Email provider integrations - -
Additional email worflows - - -
Number of vendors 5 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost per additional vendor - $1.5 $1.0 Custom
Registration interface
Custom registration fields
Individual vendor pages
Customize vendor pages
Invite vendors by email -
Finance view
Vendor payout -
Subscription model -
Stripe integration - -
Automated payment - -
Paypal integration - -
Custom payment flow - - -
Default commission
Vendor specific commission
Custom commission rules -
Vendor integrations
Real-time product sync - -
Real-time order sync - -
Real-time tracking sync - -
15+ available integrations - -
Custom API - - -
Other integrations - - Contact us Contact us
Email support
Reply in 48h hours - -
Assigned contact person - -
Priority queue - -
Email notification
Number of email Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email vendors
Email marketplace
Email customers (using Shopify)
Customize template - -
Email integrations - -
Custom development On demand On demand On demand On demand
Complete documentations
Knowledge sharing -
Multi-store - -
Multi-language - -
Custom regulation compliance - - -
On-premise deployment - - -
Industry/Market exclusivity - - -

Built-in features for all plans

Onboarding Onboarding

We personally onboard you to have Garnet Marketplace set up and running within a week.

We take care of the migration for free if you already have a similar system.

Integrations Integrations

We are committed to simplifying the vendor experience.

Vendors that manage their inventory through a third-party system can synchronise their products, orders, and tracking in real-time.

We are also integrated with payment systems, logistic partners and subscription systems.

Garnet supports more than +20 integrated systems, including API and webhooks support.

Vendor page Vendor page

Most marketplaces want to advertise their vendors. Explicitly showing who is behind the products gives credibility and trust to your website.

Each vendor can edit their vendor page, consisting of a profile picture and bio.

We do not enforce any design, you can use your marketplace theme to customize the vendor page.

Invoicing Invoicing

Accounting is important for the marketplace, the vendors, and the customers. That's why invoices are generated for each sale and each payout.

You can integrate invoices in your workflow with our API integrations.

Logistic partners Order tracking

Garnet support tracking from more than 90 logistics companies.

Everytime an order is fulfilled, it will generate the corresponding tracking URL, accessible in your email to send to the customer.

Garnet integrates gracefully with other apps. All your existing automation, such as email notifications, will not be disrupted.

Product approval Vendor directory

Let your customers browse your vendors with a search bar and filters.

You provide the design from your theme. There is no design constraint.

Vendor approval Product approval

A marketplace must curate their listings to have the best quality content. Prevent assortment mismatch, make your branding more consistent, and increase credibility.

Be notified every time a products needs your approval and bulk approve them.

Of course you can customize Garnet to add product guidelines to mitigate incorrect product submissions.

Registration page Vendor approval

A great way to spend less time curating the list of products is to curate your vendors.

Especially for B2C marketplaces with dozens of news vendors per day, you will have better quality control and fraud prevention by reviewing vendor profiles.

Your judgment is what makes your marketplace unique.

Vendor directory Registration page

Simplify your vendor onboarding by asking industry-specific questions. It ensures you have better matchmaking between your vendors and your marketplace.

Add as many fields as you need in any format. Vendors are likelier to work with you when you ask the right questions.

Order tracking Export to CSV

Some vendors bring large assortment and it is important to simplify data manipulation as much as possible .

With Garnet, vendors can filter and export their products and orders. They can upload the file back to submit the update.

Export to CSV Additional data

A product should at least have a title and a price, but businesses have more complex products than that.

Add up to 250 additional fields to your products to ensure the quality of your data with structured data.

All the additional fields can be used to create collections, or to be displayed on your store.

Audit logs

Audit logs

Are you looking to go back in time to understand what happened to a product or an order?

Send us a request and we'll come back to you with the detailed audit log of what happened in the last 90 days on your Garnet account.

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